Monday, February 13, 2017

15 Funny Pics Plain And Simple

1. Later Granny

2. The pugs on things craze is out of control.

 3. "I did it all for the cookie! C'mon! The cookie!"

4. Just watering the lawn, nothing to see here.

5.  Great episode...

 6. But why throw away a whole pack of Reeses?

7. I've gone through so many phones because of this. 

8. Damn..

9. Not sure whats going on here, not sure if I want to know.

10. Angles were not taken into consideration.

11.  You know their thoughts involve the words, white, girl and stupid.

12.  Eww, this too fancy

 13. I like having his body in my mouth...via the wafer of course...

14. After a couple glasses, they all look that way

15. Oh what a time to be alive

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