Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

5 Products You Can Buy to Save The Earth

People say we need to save the planet but it's more like, we need to save ourselves. The Earth is 4.5 Billion years old and will be able to sustain life for another 2.5 Billion years if we don't destroy ourselves first.

Destroying the planet will only lead to the extinction of the human race, the Earth will eventually recover and some type of life will reform until the Sun inevitably expands and makes it too hot for anything to survive.

If you want to keep the human race around for as long as possible, you should consider switching to these products.

Stainless Steel Straws

 Stainless steel straws are a durable and easy-to-use alternative to the 500 MILLION plastic straws used everyday in the US. They're less likely to end up in the ocean and ruin the beaches of exotic islands. 

Organic Reusable Cotton Pads

They're easy to clean and cut back on a lot of plastic packing. 

Wool Dryer Balls 

Wool dryer balls are Eco-friendly, soften your clothes and can cut your drying time down to half. So, you'll also spend less on utilities...this is a two for one deal. AND! they come in a bag with a sheep on it.

 Reusable Produce Bag

 Maybe you only use paper bags or reusable bags when you go to the grocery store but what do you do with your produce? If you use a plastic bag you're defeating the purpose of the paper bags. These bags are machine washable and food safe.

Reusable Wrapping Paper

This one might seem unorthodox since you usually don't get wrapping paper back but, maybe we can start. Wrapping paper produces over 1 million tons of waste during the holiday season and some of it isn't recyclable. Since it's stretchy it can also reduce your wrapping time.

BONUS - if you have a baby.

Reusable Cloth Diapers

Newborns need to be changed at least 10 times per day in the first month of life. That's over 300 diapers in one month. It's possible to use up to 3,000 diapers in the first year....3,000...that's a lot of diapers and waste.

Cloth diapers might seem gross but they're very popular and you probably pick up your dog's poop anyway. It's highly unlikely that you've escaped parenthood without getting poop on you in some way. 

While the upfront cost can be a bit scary, it can be as low as $500. They're also highly adjustable and will last until your kid grows out of diapers so it's a one time cost. In the long run you'll likely end up saving money. Plus, they come in many different colors and fun patterns.