Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wanna Vlog like Casey Neistat?

One could argue that Casey is responsible for the vlogging explosion on YouTube. It's pretty easy to do, all you need is a camera and something to talk about. But, to Vlog like Casey, you need something interesting to do during the day and a cool way to get around while doing a Boosted Board. If you're clever, you can make just about anything interesting...

You just need the right setting, good angles, lots of different shots and a quick transition between shots.  

Having the right gear also helps, here is what he uses:

First you need an expensive 4k camera so your video quality isn't an issue

Try the Panasonic Lumix GH5

Ideally, you want a camera with a fold out screen so you can see what you're shooting when the lens is pointed toward yourself. You'll need to pair it with the right lens: PANASONIC LUMIX G VARIO LENS, 7-14MM

If that camera is too expensive for you, try these...

Give these lenses a try as well....

 You'll need something to hold your camera. Casey uses a JOBY Gorilla Pod.
 Next comes a hip way to get around. A Boosted Board is your best bet. 

 If that's too expensive you can try a knock off, just hope it doesn't catch fire.

There is also the Hoverboard:

Or the OneWheel: 

A Casey video wouldn't be complete without some illegal drone shots. So, get yourself a good drone with a long range like the DJI Mavic.

Oh, don't forget your sunglasses...

11 Shower Thoughts

Do you ever have a dumb thought but when you really sit and think about it, it makes sense? Those are shower thoughts. 



Wednesday, January 10, 2018

IKEA wants you to PEE on this AD

IKEA’s latest advert doubles as a pregnancy test. Designed by Swedish agency Akestam Holst, pregnant mothers can score a discount on the Sundvik crib by peeing on the ad, which reveals a discounted price if the result reads positive.

Swedish ad agency Åkestam Holst created the ad in collaboration with Mercene Labs, a chemical manufacturer in Sweden. The ad will run in Amelia magazine, a Swedish publication for women.
How does it work?
The instructions read like a pregnancy test: “Pee on the marked area and wait a moment.”
The ad should be torn from the magazine, so as to not ruin the entire edition when urinating on the rectangular box near the bottom of the page. If you are expecting, a new, discounted price for the crib will appear in red below the original amount.

The next step, it seems, is to present the pee-soaked page to an employee at your local Ikea.
Speaking about how the ad was produced, Åkestam Holst told AdWeek: “The pregnancy test strip was used as a starting point, which relies on antibodies that bind to the pregnancy hormone hCG, resulting in a color change.

Monday, January 8, 2018

10+ German Words that English Needs to Adopt

These words are classified as "untranslatable" words. They have a meaning but are not easily translated and would need a sentence or two in order to describe them. In English we have words such as "Bromance", "Facepalm" and Gobbledygook. There are many more examples but German has a bunch of these words for everyday situations.

1. Waldeinsamkeit

This would refer to the feeling of being along in the woods, solitude and connectedness to nature or being one with the Earth. It consists of two words "wald" meaning forest and "einsamkeit" meaning loneliness or solitude. 

2.  Drachenfutter

The literal translation is 'dragon fodder' or 'dragonfeed'. It refers to a gift which men give to their wives or girlfriends to say they're sorry. So, if you're in the doghouse (probably another word which is used in a manner not understood in other languages), you'll buy your wife a drachenfutter. 

3. Kummerspeck

The weight you put on through emotional over-eating. Its literal translation is "grief-bacon." So if you gain a few pounds after a break up, the weight you've gained is Kummerspeck. 

4. Weltschmerz

Probably how most people are feeling right now as it translates to "world pain". It is used for when the actual state of the world makes you depressed when compared with your ideals.

5. Fremdschamen

You've heard of living vicariously through someone else. This one describes the process of being vicariously embarassed by someone else. Basically watching someone else fail similar to how I felt for Michael Scott on most episodes of The Office.

6. Trappenwitz

The devastating feeling of having a great comeback to an argument that was over an hour ago.

7. Handschuhchneeballwerfer

If you try to pronounce this word I'll be fremdschamen. This one is simply a word for coward, similar to calling someone a "yellow belly" or "chicken" in the old west. If Marty McFly were German he'd say:

Nobody, I mean nobody, calls me Handschuhchneeballwerfer.

8. Backpfeifengesicht

By far my favorite one and probably how most people feel about Logan Paul as of writing this, sorry Logang. This term is used to describe a face that is in need of a good punch, or face that should be slapped.

9. Seitensprung

We have this word in English since it's just another word for an affair but it translates to 'side jump.' Probably equivalent to 'side chick.'

10. Verschlimbessern

When you make a situation worse by digging yourself into a deeper hole, it's called Verschlimbessern.

11. Faule Socke

Literal translation: Lazy Sock. A person who has no drive or ambition is referred to as a lazy sock. Could anything be more insulting?

12. Notgeil

This one can't be directly translated as it would be "Emergency horny." It refers to someone who is horny all the time, desperate for sex and won't stop until they find someone they can sleep every guy on the face of the Earth.

13. Sesselpupser

Similar to faule socke in the it refers to a person who sits around all day doing nothing. It literally translates to armchair fart. 

14. Blaumachen

The feeling you get when you wake up in the morning and you wonder if your job is worth getting out of bed for. 

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

This Girl Had the ENTIRE Plane to Herself

Do you ever get on a plane, get to your row before anyone else, and sit there hoping the rest of your row doesn't show up? I think it's everyone's dream to have a whole row to themselves on the plane, especially during a longer flight. No fighting over the armrest, no making two people get up so you can go to the bathroom...

Well, this girl could have sat in any seat on the plane she wanted to because she had the entire thing to herself. 

 Credit: shadybaby22

Reddit user shadybaby22had this happen on a short flight when she was accidentally booked on a flight meant for moving around airline workers. Here is her explanation of how this happened:

It's just too bad she didn't do what this guy did, and take a picture of himself in every seat. 

The next time you fly take these along with you and make your trip much more enjoyable.

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Pick up a pair of noise cancelling headphones to escape crying babies.

Get a pillow so you can nap.

Bring a water bottle so you don't have to pay $4 for a bottle of water.