Wednesday, March 1, 2017

14 Things to Give up for Lent

1. Social ironic

2. knew this would be on the list.

3. Alcohol

4. Chips

5. Soda, Pop, Cola, Coke, whatever you call it...

6. Coffee

They don't all have to be "bad" for you. Giving up something is to know what it feels like to be without it. 

7. (Fresh) Fruit

Some intangible things to give up....

8. Gossip

9. Your Comfort Zone

   Doing things that make you uncomfortable will allow you to discover things about yourself you might not know.

10. Blame

  If something is your fault, admit it. 

11. Complaining about things that don't matter

    Traffic, long lines...

12. Envy...often confused with jealousy

13. Impatience 

One more tangible thing since I love them so much...

14. Donuts

And a shameless YouTube video plug