Tuesday, February 14, 2017


At least he isn't a vegan.

Very Smart Girl Scout

Funny Weatherman

Sneaky Praying Mantis

12 Awesome Steampunk Insects from Electronic Parts

The Manual Chainsaw

This Kid Didn't Get a Window Seat and the Internet Made Hilarious Photoshops

Poor kid, he's got a pilot's jacket on and everything.

At least the internet will make it worth his while...hopefully he sees it. 

1. It's his Final Destination

 2. Our plane crashes and these people moon us instead of helping.

3. How did we end up in a Steven King novel. 


 5. I'm too young to know who Mr. Bean is. 

6. Lit

7. Infinity

 8. Errrmmm....

10. How did we break the pull of Earth's gravity?

11. Sorry, No Windows, only Mac OS

12. Fire

13. You've just crossed over into...

 14. Why are there MotherF-ing snakes on the MotherF-ing Plane?

I'm from the future

Todays kids will never know the struggle

Wah Wah...