Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Excellent Advice

Behind the Scenes of a Pinterest Post

Fluffy Hamster Butts

This Edible Spray Paint Looks Amazing

You can make a Golden Goose

Get it here:

Apparently they also make edible glitter...

Aww, She's proposing to him. How Cute

And they say these cameras are for our safety

Poor Kim, Always Trying to Stay Relevant

Married, Can Confirm

Ancient Japanese Hotel That Has Been Functioning For 1298 Years

Houshi Ryokan is an inn in Japan that has been run by the same dedicated family for the last 1,300 years.

It opened in the Ishikawa prefecture in 718 and, since then, 46 generations of the Houshi family have looked after it. 

It is the oldest family-run business still operating in the world and very nearly the oldest hotel in operation. 

This Picture Sums Up My Marriage

Video Games IRL

Just in case anyone is confused...

about who can use a gender neutral toilet.